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Hotels in San José


Costa Rica
San Jose, tours and beaches.







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In Costa Rica the visitor can enjoy lovely tropical beaches, the grandest adventures, the wonders of nature, scintillating culture, all the necessary components of an ideal vacation.

No wonder, then, that thousands of tourists have made Costa Rica their top travel choice. They were hardly the 17 days that Cristóbal spent Columbus in this country of Central America, after disembarking near the present Port Lemon and buying that he was first the European that stepped on resemblance paradise.


Welcome to Costa Rica Pacific the native ones did not offer private resistance to him nor either to be brilliant jewels of gold and precious stones. Then the greed woke up and in name of the treasures that the territory had to lock up, the white man called Costa Rica.

The conquest managed to harvest disasters, but of gold and jade, nor migas. In 1563 Carthage was born, in the central plateau, where the fertility of the volcanic ground caused that the establishment lasted. Perhaps never poorer colony had Spanish Corona.

Far from the coast, it was marginalized of the comerciles routes and thus it was literally you forget during century and means. They say that he was in those times that dreamed up the friendly and shared in common temperament of the ticos, as the Costa Ricans autodenominan themselves. That character that any visitor can recognize neither or lands in San Jose, the present capital of Costa Rica.

The city was born in 1737 and in spite of his roll of capital, she is not very inspiradora. He is not either exaggerated to say that to the center nor such josefinos they want it to be above. The these colonial ones are counted with half of the fingers of a hand and the urban planning shines by its absence. Conclusion: San Jose is a city quite flat, without personality and stopped in the time. Wealthiest they live in the outskirts, that also are a good alternative to lodge.

In addition in Escazú, there are very pretty hotels, shoppings and restaurants more or less close. In unloading of the capital, it is necessary to say that she is very calm and the tourist only receives smiles and good treatment in the itinerary that are drawing up their steps. It is more, the cultural agenda always offers a good excuse to see theater and ballet, mainly modern dance.

It is much to be a mere site of step and connections, where it seems a moral obligation to go away as rapidly as possible not to be made a false ideal of the country, as it happened to him to Columbus at that time.


As tourist we recommended to him that it visits the Museums of Gold and the Jade, before starting off of San Jose. The first guard an ample collection of miniatures and medium gold pieces. Thanks to an audio guide who can rent itself to low cost, it is possible to know some religious beliefs and practices like chamánicas activities or car sacrifices, and details on the technological advances in the use of metals. The second is the most famous museum of the country, and lodges the greater world-wide collection of jade of the Américas.

Birds in Costa RicaWhere it is left Costa Rica. It is a very small country, is located between Nicaragua, to the north and Panama by the south, in whose 50,000 km2 extensive agricultural zones are crowded together ecosystem of granciosas natural expressions and where it blooms an order of coffee plantations and plantations of banana trees. It seems lie that in so little space is place for as much different geography.

Volcanos, forests, serlva, rainy foresta, birds and butterflies that flutter in an overwhelming multitude of species, and so many other faunas by which the naturitas die. To the west the Pacific Ocean and the east the Caribbean Sea, completes this incredible Costa Rican geography with film landscapes.

Wonders of Costa Rica

Poás volcano is an inescapable appointment to 45 minutes of San Jose and that forces to anticipate abrico, to 2700 meters the cold is quite crude. The crater, of 1.5 kilometers of diameter, takes walking in 15 minutes, smells it, it does not stop to expel gases from his 300 meters from profundiad that on the brink of madness dye the air of yellow and when showing themselves that hole, seems a green water lagoon thick, rain mixture and the sulfuric acid that of its interior emanates.

Poás Volcano Costa RicaSinter the breath of the volcano to a handspan of the noses is almost like a critical moment, fascinating half frightful half. But the first crater that opened the wrath of the Poás is not this one, but other locatable to 30 minutes walking by a footpath of frondas signalized well.

In the passage plants of enormous leaves are seen, are the parasol of the poor man, ideals to cover itself with the impiadoso sun. This second crater is called Tabos, is today a quiet lagoon that usually disappears noon under a last fog mantle.

Routes of Costa Rica

In Plateau Central, or Valley Central, as they call to this zone that rises three thousand meters, and is one of the several towns that it looks for to satiate the curiosity of the visitors without losing his original grace. By example many settlers learned to reproduce carts in all the sizes and they sell them like souvenirs painted in alive colors. By the end of last century the carts were thrown by oxen and they were used to transport sugar cane, tobacco and later finally grain of coffee. Today, deprived of utility, convirtiero in profitable tourist icon. Sometimes in scalles marimba is heard are of one, species of xilofón that derives from an old peasant instrument of the Congo and it is touched with two or three small sticks.

Continuing towards the Pacific, like towards any part of the country, the ways are crossed with calm. In train any distance in the double is covered with time, advantage for nonanxious. Go in ómbinos or in car, it must take the North Inter-American highway that leugo connects with the Old Route Hills of Avocado, mountainous way that zigzags between images you magnify of toasted earth, green and you forbid more.

Cascade Mia en Costa RicaOne espumsa cataract stands out in the landscape, is Represa of the Sentry box. Later the world seems to finish in Puntareanas, a coastal enclave. From it is necessary here to cross the Straits of Nicoya to arrive at the peninsula from the same name and at its port, Paquera. Ferry that covers the route has two lines, the commercial one, that is apt for independent travellers and the institutional one, whom that only takes to go to Tabor to lodge in the Barceló Hotel. First it does cuantro daily trips, two in the morning and two in the evening. So bastnate agrees to appear early, mainly in high season. When disembarking in Paquera, a service of taxis 4x4 proposes transfer to any point of the peninsula. Many haggle over the price and gives result. Until White Cabo there is a pair of villages where to distract itself.

Drum is one, with a shore larguísma, and in addition to the alluded to hotel with All system Inclusively, it can econtrar cabins. To settle in the Barceló implies to holgazanear to the sun, to ease up in one hamaac with Vista to the sea, to start off from for the Island Turtle to make snorkel here or to fish, to walk to horse by the beach, to rent cuatriciclo or to go to the Safari in jeep to the Absolute Reserve of White Cabo, wooded rain piece and humidity that reflects what was the peninsula of Nicoya before the arrival of agriculture. As opposed to the reserve, the island of the same name is natural refuge for infiida of stupid birds.

A rich marine fauna roams chorale reefs, of the few that still are conserved intact, and only with permission by means of it is possible to be dived there. Way to the south appears Montezuma, favorite place and carefree, mochiles and fas of the rustic life wave hippie.

With so single 600 stable inhabitants (almost all foreigners), a white sand beach and another one of black sand, dunes that border the sea with rocky platforms and much existencial calm, are solved the life in this place. Of the little bars reggae to the dusk and the only screen flows to see cinema by this time is in the Healthy Banana tree, a vegetarian bowling alley of a Dutch that in Montezuma saturated a day and it remained for always.


Costa Rica occupies a privileged spot in the heart of Central America. While its territory of 19,652 square miles touches both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, the country is surprisingly accessible - one can travel from coast to coast in just three hours by car (or 45 minutes by plane).

The Caribbean region of Costa Rica stands out for its variety of aquatic ecosystems and its beautiful white and black sand beaches, providing an ideal setting for activities such as sport fishing, snorkeling, and sun bathing. The Pacific coast concentrates big tourist centers and its beaches are very popular for surfing, for example Esterillos, Jaco, Hermosa, Boca Barranca. In the Golfito region, near the Marino Ballena National Park, surfing fans can find the famous "long lefthander wave."


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